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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who wants to sit and soak?

A few years ago, a wise friend was explaining to me that as believers when we "sit and soak" in church week after week, we become apathetic and sour. I was convinced that she was right because she was usually right about spiritual truths. And I could think of some examples from every church I had ever attended.

Entering into church planting has given me the opportunity to put her theory to the test. I have never seen people working so hard. They put in countless hours of hard work and do things behind the scenes that no one ever knows about. And I have never seen so much excitement about church.

The team is excited about outreach, they're excited about setting up for services, and they're excited about people entering into a relationship with Christ. Now, I am realistic enough to know and understand that there is always a certain level of excitement in new activities. I also understand the importance of guarding our team members from burn out. However, after seeing what it looks like to be involved in church planting, I am pretty sure that I will never again be content to "sit and soak".

It is a beautiful thing to see people united behind a single purpose - to reach people with Christ. It is awesome to walk beside people who are willing to do whatever it takes to be on mission. I am honored to call this team of believers my friends.

Thanks to all of you who are putting in the long, hard hours, the late nights, and the time in prayer and hard work! Without you, this dream would be impossible. Glad you're not "sitting and soaking."

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