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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monday Morning Updates

You know, sometimes worship is good, and then sometimes its great, and then sometimes it just escapes words. Today was one of those days for me. I don't know what the secret was today.... I don't know that this set selection was necessarily any better than any other set selection. But for was moving and talking and it was unbelievably incredible. The hardest part was staying grounded enough to check for cues occasionaly from worship dude. It was hard not to be totally swept which point following the leader becomes impossible for me because I forget that anyone else exists on the planet besides me and God. So, I have to open my eyes every now and then to make sure I haven't lost track of where worship dude wants to go with the song.

We had good attendance. Several people starting to get plugged in. Shawn's sermon was stinkin' awesome. And he wore his know how that turns me on :)

I had a horribly embarassing moment during the worship set. Our guitar player realizes that his guitar is suddenly loud, leans in and says, "do you think my guitar is hot?" To which I replied, "You're way hot." Meaning "sounds loud to me, too" Only to realize how it sounded coming out of my mouth was not exactly that. Fourtunately this guy knows me well and just laughed. So then the band was all cracking up and trying to keep playing the first song. I turned red and hit some wrong notes, then recovered and went on with worshipping.

Then there was the God moment in what did God have to say today? Well, I've been whining about having to take a turn in children's ministry when all that I love, my entire passion in life, all I ever want to do, is worship. So God set me straight on my attitude today. He said, "You're saved. You will spend all of eternity in my presence worshipping me. What's the big deal about skipping a week here and there to watch the kids so their parents can become believers and worship me throughout eternity too. Is your need for worship bigger than their need for salvation?" He's right you know. The goal of the church plant is to help people find Christ. Sometimes that may mean that I have to walk away from what I love the most in order to do what needs to be done the most. I would love to say that I just immediately surrendered my bad attitude and all but honestly, in my head, I shot God the finger. Then I felt convicted and worked on surrendering my bad attitude.

So all in all, a good day. Can't wait till the next Sunday. Just 7 more days to go!


rachel4fotoz said...

Thanks for kicking my butt on Sunday with your words (you didn't even have to touch me!) Sometimes we need God to tell us words we need to hear through our friends! (especially when we're being stubborn and we need them to be audible!!) Love you!

LaRissa said...

Is next weekend your turn to be out? Busy Saturday? We could make a run to Fellowship on sat. night to get our "worship fix."