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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning Update

Sunday was another awesome day at The Crossroads. We were excited to have some new people stopping by to check us out. It is really neat to see families steadily becoming more and more plugged in.

Shawn did a super job with the pillowtalk sermon. He talked about God's plan and design for sex. It was well balanced between scripture and seriousness and light hearted humor that relieved the akwardness quite well. Next week he is giving men pointers on how to love their wives. And the following week will be tips for the wives.

We had a little fun as a band, playing "Open Arms" by Journey as a bumper to the sermon. Worship Dude thought it would be fun to do a different love song each week as a lead-in for the sermon series. We had lots of unexplained and freaky sound issues during practice, but they were all solved before services began.

Worship set: (Again, if I screw up the song titles, it's just the way I am. Enjoy the laugh.)

I Will Go - Starfield (if you don't know this band, you have to check them out!)

Give us clean hands
This is the Air I Breathe
Audience of One (Big Daddy Weave)

By Your Side (Tenth Avenue North)

Only 6 more days till we get to worship together again. Can't wait!

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