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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Morning Update 3.30.09

Sunday at the Crossroads. It's definitely the best day of the week. I was in children's this week, so I missed most of the grown-up action. Our lesson was about the ten commandments and how they correspond with Jesus' command to love God and love others. Good Bible story, my follow up activity was a little weak....and I had like 4 or 5 activities that I never even touched. I always plan way too much and have way too little time.

I hear that it was an awesome day in "big church". Shawn preached a message on the cross. I read his sermon notes and it sure sounded good to me. I will look forward to listening to it later this week at

We had 16 new people today. That's awesome. I am excited to see God using us to reach the community. And that's our heart. We want to see our community grow together in loving one another and loving God. Any way that God can use us to fulfill that purpose is awesome!

I hear the worship set was great. We had a new guitar player sit in with the band today. He seems like a really talented guy. I'm looking forward to jamming with him next week. Everybody's been talking today about how awesome the band sounded and how they really felt God's presence.


Opener : I Will Go (Starfield) - great band, lots of cool stuff

Middle set: By Your Side (Tenth Avenue North)
Beautiful One (Jeremy Camp)
Love is Here (Tenth Avenue North)

Closing: Wonderful Cross

I am excited about the big Easter Egg Drop next weekend. 10,000 eggs from a hot air balloon. Hope God really uses the event to reach our community.

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