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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome concert

I had the opportunity to go see several of my favorite bands at the American Airlines Center last night. Addison Road and Tenth Avenue North were the opening acts. I love these bands. I was bummed that they were openers and didn't get to play long. But still loved getting to hear them.

Hawk Nelson was up next.....This is not my favorite band. Excellent bathroom break time!

Then Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me. Some pretty wow worship going down. I really enjoyed being able to just worship. To allow myself to be totally and completely consumed in God's presence. I absolutely love being in a band and playing on stage. Sunday is my favorite day of the week in large part because of this. Saturday is a close runner up because I get to go to band practice. However, when you are on stage, you engage and release in worship - but you also have to keep an eye on the crowd for cues and an eye on the worship leader to see where you're headed next and an ear open to the other instrumentalists to see what you need to play. I have to constantly check myself to make sure that I do not so totally lose myself in worship that I forget where I am and what I am doing. Because that's what happens to me when I worship....I totally lose track of what's going on.

And so, it was good just to be poured out in worship last night. No eyes on audience watching to see how I was responding....Just me and God. I pretty much rudely ignored everybody around me and blocked them out. I know Shawn was worshipping, only because he was next to me....but I really didn't even pay much attention to him. I couldn't tell you a thing about anybody else there....hopefully they were also able to worship....but I have no idea.

I'm ready for Sunday. Ready to meet with God again. Thankful that God placed me in a church where worship is an every week event. Where I do not have to totally rely on special worship events to see God's face. I'm looking forward to the Big Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. Pray for good weather and great crowds. Pray for God to move in Anna.


Bits-n-Pieces said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.
I took Trey to see Casting Crowns and Michael W. Smith a couple summers ago (not together, 2 different venues). It's so powerful, the worshipping you can do through music!
~Robin Mockabee

rachel4fotoz said...

The concert WAS incredible! I agree with you... It would have been nice for Addison Road and Tenth Avenue North to play longer!
We'll have to catch them again!!