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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthin' Babies

It's been a blast the last couple of days hatching chicks in my class. We now have about 10 chicks and 3 ducks hatched with more on the way. This morning before school I got to see a duck hatch from start to cool!

Unfortunately, my chicks are "special". I had the old leftover incubator that the temperature was not regulated well in, and you can tell. We have two live chicks from my incubator and they are both now in their own special room in the aquarium tank. They were being pecked by all the normal little baby chicks. Definitely some life lessons there.

We have laughed until I'm sore about the chicks and the kids watching the chicks and all the drama surrounding care of the chicks. It's probably the coolest thing I've done as a teacher. It's noisy and wild and crazy and makes it hard for the kids to do any work, but it's awesome, too. What's been tons of fun is trying to finish up my end of the year TPRI (reading test for those of you non-teachers). I retested three children who bombed the test yesterday during the hatchings. They did much better today.

This afternoon I did have the nasty job of disposing of a chick that half-way hatched, but whose internal organs were on the outside of its body. Apparently I'm the only girl on the first grade team willing to commit murder of a chicken. Voted most likely to kill the chicken since I'm from Arkansas!

More fun tomorrow. We are setting up our duck habitat and will be watching more eggs hatch. I'm having trouble teaching because I'm way too excited about the chicks. Yes, I'm a dork. Even still too wound up to go to sleep yet. And poor Shawn, he's exhausted from a day in kindergarten. He fell asleep around 7 and woke up (groggily) for a little bit after I got home at 8:30. So he's not interested in hearing all my chicken excitement right now.

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