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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday morning on mission

Even though we had an incredible day at the crossroads, i am skipping my Monday morning update and talking about our Mexico trip instead.

Blogging from my phone. We will see how this goes. There are so many details it is impossible to share it all. Thanks for your prayers. We Are seeing God at work.

We crossed the border this morning around nine. The first order of business was to put up a big tent in the middle of the road for classes. Then we went from house to house inviting people to attend vbs. One lady accepted Christ as we gave her a small gift and told her about God's love.

We have prayed for God to go before us. Today as we were canvassing a neighborhood we bumped into a maestro from the local school. God prepared an exponential contact. The teacher asked if he could invite all of his students. So in just a few minutes we made contact with a man who could reach most of the children in the neighborhood. That is God sized economics right there.

Every person we met today we viewed with kingdom eyes. A common question today was "has anybody told them about Jesus yet?". What if we lived our American lives this way? If every person we laid eyes on we asked ourselves " I wonder if anybody has told them about Jesus?"

We bumped into a man who accepted Christ when we were here at Christmas. He was sober and anxious to relive with us the moment of asking Jesus christ into his heart. Over and over he repeated "muchas gracias muchas gracias."

After lunch we hosted a vbs. Over fifty children attended. A lady at a nearby store accepted Christ and I don't know how many children. We are very excited about tomorrow. Thursday night we will be showing a Christian movie about gang members who find christ. Our missionary wanted us to show that one since he has done the Jesus film recently.

We are sitting on the side of the road waiting while some of the men have gone back to talk to a man that looks strung out on drugs. We stopped everything we had on our agenda to see if christ has a work to do in that man's life.

Shawn returned to the van weeping. The man on the side of the road was deranged. He wanted to sit there in that one spot and eat the ants. He would not eat the sandwiches we gave him even though it would have been infinitely better for him than the ants. Instead he was more interested in eating ants and just starving to death. And he is not far from that fate. How often do we do this to God? He wants to offer us something much better than our own plan for our lives. But instead we cling to our own plan. Pray for this man. Carmen.

This trip I am seeing that what makes Mexico so special is being able to live a kingdom lifestyle for a week. My question for myself now is why am I not living this kingdom lifestyle daily in America? How can I change my heart? It is time. Time to look for God moments and opportunities every day every where thar I go. Pray that my eyes would be open and that I would not be afraid.

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Bits-n-Pieces said...

continued prayers for your trip.