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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday on mission

This morning we were running a bit late so we skipped canvassing and went straight to the home of the family that was feeding us lunch. Leslie's family was cooking fish for us today. We had planned to give them Money to buy the fish but did not give it to them ahead of time . They realized that they did not have enough money to buy the fish since we had not left any with them. They simply prayed that God would provide a meal for our team and then went fishing. They cAught 180 pounds of fish. Enough for us. Enough for them. Enough to sell to buy plates, napkins, and cokes for the Americans. And the day before they did not catch any fish. God abundantly provided in a miraculous way.

We went out to an island after lunch to do vbs. It was not the same one we went to at Christmas. We found a pavilion to set up under. Then we went from house to house on the island inviting the children to come to vbs. Turns out there was a pastor on the island. He sat up chairs in the pavilion and loaned us his sound system and some Spanish music. God went before us. Did I mention that it rained hard during the bible story. Not game time when the children were outside but during the bible story. That forced all the Adults to also gather up under the pavilion and listen to the story.

Interesting story - we met a gringo from Ohio who was staying on the island. Living and fishing with the locals. He wanted an English bible and none of us had one. We had Spanish ones instead. Hopefully he will come to the movie tomorrow and we can give him one.

It was cloudy and rainy which helped with the heat and kept grace from sunburning more. She would not stay at the dorm. Did not want to miss anything in Mexico. However my face is quite crispy. Through two applications of sunscreen.

Pray for us tomorrow. We will do one more vbs tomorrow and then show an evangelistic movie tomorrow night. Pray thAt God will be at work in people's hearts.

One more day. How is it nearly over already? And yes I have funny outhouse stories..... Some of them even happened to other people this time. Like my friend Liz got her butt stuck in the hole and shook the whole outhouse trying to get unstuck. I got trapped in one when the outer latch fell into place while I was inside. No problem except everyone else was on the van and could not hear me yelling for help. I finally jiggled the door around enough to be able to squeeze my finger out and unlatch myself. Oh And I danced with a yellow jacket in the outhouse. It flew in. I went out . It flew out. I went in. It went back in. I came back out. Finally just prayed against getting stung and went on in. Safely used the facilities.

Getting ready to preview movie we are showing tomorrow and spending some time praying about the people who will come. And praying that it will not rain tomorrow night during the movie.

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Bits-n-Pieces said...

wow!! God is so good!! the fish...the rain...WOW!!