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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday on mission.

This morning we had the chance to spend some time at the beach in las higuerillas before we did our mission work. The water was warm. The sky beautiful. Loved watching Shawn and the kids riding the waves. I had no swimsuit but I waded in as far as I could by rolling up my skirt. We enjoyed the down time.

At lunch time we moved to our vbs location. Today we were on the very tip of the peninsula close to a naval base. A family graciously set up a space for us in their yard under some trees. Unfortunately it was next to the chickens. Smelly! I prayed hard and ate my lunch and kept it down.

About forty kids showed up for vbs. I love to see our people playing with the kids and loving on their parents. Several people today made decisions to follow Christ. Some adults and some children. Of course with the kids it is harder to judge the nature of their decision. Are they just following friends? But any move towards God IS a positive decision.

My favorite part of the day was having a translator to help me talk to Leslie. She is the mission intern's fiancé. A native from the village. A beautiful woman inside and out. I love seeing her ministering and singing with the children. She also spends a lot of time visiting with the other women to find out if Any of them don't know about Jesus. It is common to see this nineteen year old praying with woman to accept Christ as savior.

Funny moment : Shawn was sharing with the children that Christ died for their sin. The spanish word for sin is pecado. Shawn told the children that Christ died for their pescados. That would be fish. They all laughed pretty hard at the silly gringo.

Prayer needs: Grace and James badly sunburned. I did not remind them to reapply after their swim in the ocean. They are feeling some better after cool showers and aloe lotion and rehydrating.

Pray that God would continue to go before us. Tomorrow we will be on an island off the coast and on Thursday we will be showing a movie called the cross and the switchblade.

Pray that God will send more missionaries here to spread the good news.

Pray that Leslie will be able to get her papers to go to the states with Aaron after they are married. There is a hang up since her parents did not file a record of a birth until she was five.

Thanks for all your prayers. We are seeing incredible things here. I know that your prayers are important.

Ph pne

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