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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday Morning Update 6.7.09

It was another amazing day at The Crossroads. I look forward to church all week long, and then way too soon it's all over again.

Shawn is doing a marriage series on family, "HOME". That's fun times. He did the hard sermon first. The one on submission. It's a tough sermon to do in traditional church, but even harder in a church plant where people are not used to hearing about God's plan and design for family. He handled the subject well, with a great balance between men and women's roles. You can listen to the sermon online later this week here under the tab "what's happening."

Good worship set. I'm always a little nervous when we are not able to practice earlier in the week, but the set came off pretty well. It's cool to watch our members becoming more engaged in worship every week. I love the lack of pretense, the openness of people who were not raised in church. It's cool to watch them openly express their love for God without worrying about if they are doing it the "right" way.

Worship set for the worship peeps who occasionally ask:

I Will Boast (Paul Baloche) - Worship Dude does this WAY better than the original (sorry Mr. Baloche)

By Your Side (10th Avenue North)
I Will Lift My Eyes (Bebo Norman)
Love is Here (10th Avenue North)

Forever Starts Today (Robby Thompson)

Also a positive - the air conditioning in the cheer gym was pretty effective today. Summer tends to be uncomfortably warm in the gym. I have morphed into summer clothes for church. No more jeans for me..... Cannot worship and sweat at the same time - I admit, I am a very spoiled American. I was concerned today about showing off quite a bit of pale, glow-in-the-dark white legs, but decided that everyone who prefers buff and tan could just wear their sunglasses to cut down on the glare. My vanity draws the line at sweaty.

Hope you have a great week!

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