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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not the same way twice

Today I was reading 2 Samuel 5. David is assuming rule of all Israel and Judah and uniting the two kingdoms under one throne. The Philistines attacked. The first time they attacked he prayed for guidance and God said, "Attack with a frontal assault." Sure enough, the Philistines were defeated. The second time they attacked, David prayed again. This time God said, "Circle around and attack from behind."

I did a second take at this. You see, David had already defeated the Philistines once. He could have assumed that he know how to win this battle. He could have taken his legendary army and tried to repeat what had worked so well the first time. Instead, he prayed and God told him to change and attack from behind. He was successful because he followed God's direction and did things differently.

I thought about all the things that I assume God has taught me how to do. I realized there may be things that God wants to change up in my life that I assume I already know how to accomplish. The best way may not always be the same way I have used before.

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