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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's laugh

Our first grade program was today. It's a high stress time of year anyway, and getting one hundred 6 year olds to perform in sync, on cue is crazy. I was an absolute witch all day long. It was one of those days where you look back and realize that maybe you were the meanest you've ever been kind of days. I don't want to end my day regretting all the things I did and said, so I thought maybe we could laugh together at some of the funny moments.

Like there was this moment when one of my students was rushing to get something off my desk and knocked over my cup of water. As I was frantically grabbing papers and spreading them out to dry, I neglected to notice the water had trickled down into my chair. I found the puddle with my butt when I sat down. Teaching with a dripping wet booty is interesting. I considered going down to the hand dryers and grabbing my ankles so I could dry my pants, but decided that would be a little weird. But it made me laugh.

Or there was the moment when I picked Abby (age 3) up after school. We were skipping across the parking lot when she abruptly stopped, grabbed herself and said, "Mommy, my weiner hurts."

Then there was this moment when a kid left part of his costume back stage. I tried to unobtrusively hand it to him before his speaking part, but managed to time it so that I was directly in front of him as he began to speak. His parents were videoing. Instead of getting their kid on video doing his part, they got my butt. That will be an interesting video to show the kid someday. "and this is you doing your speaking part. You're right behind that teacher's butt."

This isn't funny, but it still made me feel good. Tonight I easily slid into a skirt that I last wore (miserably tight) to a wedding 8 years ago. Made me feel really good.

In spite of the toughness of today, there was still lots to giggle about. I am, however, thankful that I get to start over again tomorrow. The best part is that tomorrow is a new day, one without any mistakes in it yet. It will have plenty, I'm sure, but at least not yet.

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