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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field Trip

Today we took nearly 100 first grade students to the local YMCA camp, Collin County Adventure Camp. It was a great trip. We spent the morning hiking, and the afternoon learning archery and playing games.

I enjoyed seeing the camp up close and personal. They have amazing facilities and a great staff. And I have to say that I was checking out the trails with thoughts of what a great place this would be to run.

Two things about today that made me pause and think. My students are uniquely wired this year to believe they know what you are going to say and to act on those assumptions before you can finish your sentence. This got them into hot water a few times today.

But I also realized that I often do this with God. I assume based on my prior knowledge about God that I know what to do, I act on that assumption, then I find myself in hot water.

Today I traveled attached to one of my more challenging students. A kind hearted little guy, he has no lag time between impulse and action. Being outdoors meant that I was holding his hand, his shirt, or at times his entire body to keep him on the trail and out of danger. My shoulders and arms ache from supporting the additional weight.

This made me think about how easily I get off track. I will be following God faithfully, then the next thing I know, I'm off the narrow road. Just like my little friend was distracted by a butterfly or a spittle bug or just wide open spaces to explore, I am often distracted by stuff in my life. I wondered today if God often has to hold onto me that hard to keep
me where I need to be.

It was a good day. I was totally spent by the end of the trip. By the time I arrived home, a migraine had slammed into my head. I was a little relieved that my daughter, Grace, had to do a huge school project so I had an excuse to stay home and rest tonight.

I just have a couple of weeks left. It's fast and furious from here to the end. Pray for strength and energy.

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