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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Running

Fingers of purple crept across the evening sky as the clouds illuminated cotton candy pink from the setting sun. The air was damp, clinging to my skin as I ran. I only had fifteen minutes before time to say prayers with the little girls. Every minute had to count. I sprinted down the street, desperate to finish at least one lap before my time was up.

I set my ipod to shuffle, and let God choose the playlist for the run. Tonight the songs matched the fast pounding beat of my feet on the pavement - Bon Jovi, Huey Lewis, Evanescence, mixed with a little Crowder. The beat was hard, and pushed my stride. As I gasped for air, marveling at the magnificent sunset, the first bead of sweat ran down my shoulder. I was nearly there. Nearly to that moment that runners live for.

The cotton candy pink faded to deep crimson, then gradually dusk fell across the earth as I rounded the last curve. The first star peeped out in the distance as I stepped back into the driveway, sweat trickling down the small of my back. As the sweat began to pour, it happened. The stress of my day melted. Suddenly all that was left was a woman with no responsibility. Just a need to take another stride. In an instant I was beautiful and whole again, ready to face the world. Able to leap over building with a single bound.

I had forgotten how fantastic it feels to run on a summer night.

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