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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday morning update

We had a great day at The Crossroads this week. I had the opportunity to share with the guys about what girls are looking for in marriage. I thought it went okay. My migraine lifted long enough that I was able to speak coherently. I'm not gifted like Shawn, but I hope I made sense.

Since I was speaking, I opted not to play in the band this week. I love playing keys on stage. I love finding harmonies and wrapping the music around the vocals. But sometimes it's nice just to worship. To focus solely on the lyrics and just release in worship. Today it was nice to sit in the audience and hear God's voice.

After church, I headed up to Arkansas to my in laws for an overnight visit. I pulled into their driveway at 4:48. At 5:07 I was sitting on the piano bench at their church playing "call a hymn". (I didn't even know they still had evening services) They don't have a pianist, instead using a computer system - kind of like karoke. They were excited to see me walk through the door so they could sing all their old favorites that are not in the karoke database.

If you're not familiar with "call a hymn", here's how it works: church members randomly yell out the numbers of songs they want to sing, and that's what we do. No practice. Straight up, totally impromptu, gotta be on your game. The catch is that I've not played hymns with a congregation in nearly 3 years. And I've not played some of these old multi-part hymns in nearly 10! But I am excited to announce that I can still bring it. As I rocked that old piano (sitting on the same bench where Shawn first asked me out), worship broke out in that place. It looked way different from worship at The Crossroads this morning, but worship it was. I had a blast and was sad for it to end.

Then I had the privilege of talking about The Crossroads. Shawn's home church has faithfully financially supported the church plant since the beginning. They continually pray over us, and support us in ministry. I appreciate these people. They are good people, sincere in their faith.

After church we gathered with the extended family to enjoy chicken and dumplings, squash casserole, apple dumplings, fresh peaches, and watermelon. We are just now, at nearly midnight, winding down the day. I am blessed that God brought me into the Kemp family.

One last note: The Mexico mission team - on their fourth attempt- entered Mexico today. They arrived in Tula around 9. I can't wait to hear about all God does!

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