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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I just gotta brag about God

Today Shawn had the opportunity to speak at First Baptist Whitesboro. Going around doing fundraising is definitely not my favorite. We have had some pretty varied responses from churches. So, I didn't know what to expect, but was absolutely amazed at what I found. The first service was contemporary - sort of a Hillsong flavor. Even though I prefer a more alternative sound, I love it when God moves in a service and God was moving today. The second service was pretty traditional - can you say organ? but God was there, too. Any music is beautiful and meaningful when God's Spirit is moving in a service.

Shawn did his spill about how to be involved in church planting. When he was finished the response was overwhelming! People were waiting in line to share their business cards with us. We were swamped with people all talking at the same time, "I do .............(whatever)........can you use me? How can we help at the block party? Do you need help at your services? I feel called to missions - can you use me? I feel led to support you, what's the address? Can I write you a check right now?" Then there's my personal favorite, "I don't work right now, but we are having a cow butchered and would love to share a tithe portion for your family to have meat." Tithing a cow - now we're talking about using the resources God gave you!!!!!

I don't know why I am surprised when God again shows His provision for us, but I am. I am so humbled that God is using us and using his community of believers to richly and abundantly meet our needs. I loved to see this church that was outwardly focused and anxious and ready to support mission work. Today they actually had 2 mission teams gone to other parts of the world. I was so impressed by their heart and desire to be on mission for Christ.

I am praying that God will richly bless this church that is all about loving others and reaching the world. I was honored to have the opportunity to spend time with them today.

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