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Friday, August 8, 2008

raindrops are fallin' on my head

This morning, the house is totally silent except for the dripping of the coffee pot. (Thank you God for caffeine for those of us who apparently never sleep!) When I woke up, I walked through the house looking at my sleeping children. James's legs are hanging off the end of the couch. Grace is curled in a ball on top of her comforter (she hates making up her bed). Katie wandered into my bed during the night is hogging my side of the bed. - Which would be why I am up early - Abby is upside down in the middle with her feet across Katie's face. I am reminded that I am so blessed with beautiful children. God has been really good to me.

The other sound that is breaking up the stillness of the morning is the sound of rain hitting the roof and dripping from the eaves. I love to listen to rain on the roof. When I was a little girl, I would go visit my grandparents and listen to rain on the tin roof. There is nothing else quite as relaxing and soothing to me. I used to love to sit on the porch and watch the rain dripping off the roof and making puddles in the yard. I really loved dancing in the rain and splashing in the puddles.

Last night (early this morning - about 1:30 - actually) I fell in to bed exhausted and discouraged. I woke up before 6 and could not go back to sleep and I was tired and whiny. But then I began to listen and heard the rain. It was great to wake up and hear the rain falling. I love rain anyway, but especially since the other day when God got me up to enjoy the storm with Him. (See "worship in the dark" blog) Rain has started to be a sign for me of God's promise of His presence for His people. When I hear rain, I remember God's promise pour out His Spirit on His people. Very specifically, today, in these quiet early morning hours, I absolutely feel God pouring out His presence on me.

Who wants to DANCE with me in the rain?

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