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Friday, September 5, 2008

Pleasing God....and inside jokes

This morning I read about Jesus' baptism in Matthew chapter 3. I loved God's words, "This is my son. I am very pleased with Him." I think that would be such a cool thing to hear God say. Most of the time I feel like I'm doing okay in following Christ. Like God could say, "This is my daughter. I'm pleased with her sometimes. She just has this really bad stubborn streak that we're still working on."

I finally get it....that God makes us weak and imperfect so that he can be our strength. I would just like to be stronger more often. I wish that God wouldn't wait until the last minute to rescue me from stupidity. I wish that he would rescue me more often before I am stupid. I guess living through stupid makes me more humble? It's seems like such a painful way to learn humility.

Just in case you are unsure about the tone of this blog - I am laughing at myself here. Not that I am not serious as well, but I am aware that perfection is not a possibility and I have to laugh at myself and my moments.

* Oh, speaking of laughing, my new Anna friends and I have our first inside joke. Don't you love coming to that point in relationships where you develop the first laugh that nobody else really gets! For me, it seems that the first inside joke is really the moment a relationship goes to a new level and becomes more than casual. The inside joke level of friendship means that you are tight enough to share experiences together that you have not shared with your other friends. (Of course the hard part for me is remembering who knows about what inside jokes - part of the stupidity thing I was talking about earlier.)

I tried explaining the whole joke just now...yeah, totally had to delete it because it was not at all hysterically funny online. Of course it's a little inappropriate, so if you are dying to hear the story in person, don't ask me about it in front of my children.

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