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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fear puts you on the sidelines

Fear keeps us sidelined. That's what I realized tonight by the hotel pool. Many of you know that I have this horrible irrational water phobia thing since my brother Jon drowned several years ago. In particular, I do not get my face wet. Period. Ever. I even shower backwards to avoid accidentally getting it wet. It's one of those phobias where I panic and totally freak out in public. My family thinks it's hysterically funny. So tonight we were staying at a hotel and all went swimming. I use the term "swimming" loosely since my family was swimming, and I was sitting by the pool looking especially cute in my new coverup. (not getting my face wet) My family was having a great time splashing and swimming and racing each other across the pool. It was fun to watch them, but I regretted that my phobia keeps me from joining in the racing. Just in case you wondered, I am the only adult dog-paddler on the planet. Carefully swimming without putting my head in the water is quite the sight to see!

I was thinking about fear while I was looking especially cute sitting by the pool. It keeps us from trying so many things - many times things that lead to great and amazing adventures. Now my water phobia is probably not going away any time soon since it probably needs expensive therapy to cure, but I have found the courage recently to try many other new and exciting adventures. I have totally come out of my comfort zone in this church planting business to make new friends, start a new job, and try lots of new stuff in ministry. Not allowing my ministry to be held captive by fear has led to the greatest adventure of my life. I love the unknown and the unexpected things that are occurring in my life right now. God is at work and I am simply tagging along on this journey. I just can't hardly wait to see what God has in store for The Crossroads.

Tomorrow I am spending the day at Schlitterbahn with my family. Shawn won tickets for the family off the radio. He and the kids are so excited. I am sucking up my fear and will spend the day in the wading pools with the baby. (not getting my face wet) :)

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