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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AHHHHH - I'M OLD!!!!!!!!

It happened. Tonight. At Cvs. A benchmark moment in my life. The young girl behind the register sees the pull-ups I am using to fluff up my big purse (cause what else do you put in a purse) and asks, "Are those for your grandbaby?" I didn't even pretend to be polite. I dropped my credit card that I was scanning, looked at her and said curtly, "What did you say?" So she REPEATED IT! LOUDER AS IF I WERE OLD AND HARD OF HEARING!!!! I said, "no...they are for my two year old. I am not a grandmother, I am not old!" So then I got in my car and told James and Grace what she said. They laughed hysterically, and James comfortingly says, "Hey mom, you know you just look old because of your angry lines from teaching." So I am dying my hair and making an appointment with a plastic surgeon immediately! Just kidding.....but I think I may start a mid-life crisis! Any ideas?

*Seriously ya'll, thanks for praying for me this week. My big observation went well and all the meetings that I've had to have this week have gone smoothly as well.

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