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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing Shua

Since I'm already down to about 5 hours of sleep tonight if I was asleep right now, this one will be short.

Tonight I said good=bye to a dear friend, a member of my family really. Joshua joined us late last spring on this adventure of church planting. Shawn met him in a coffee shop and the rest is kind of history. He quickly joined our family at our supper table at least once a week and my baby learned to call him "shua". I made some lifelong beautiful memories with my friend. Nothing gets much better than sitting on the porch, writing music, and picking out harmonies together. He even shared my sacred piano bench with me on a couple of songwriting journies and heard some of the stuff that I haven't really even written yet. I have been blessed to get to know him and to see God at work in his life.

In just a few months time, our family has adopted Shua as one of our own. Unfortunately for us, Joshua is leaving late this week to chase God. He is going to Seattle, and then back East. We will desperately miss Joshua and are blessed that God allowed us to share this part of his journey. Love you Shua ----- God watch over you ------ until we meet again! Chase the Lion!


rachel4fotoz said...

It's not going to be the same without him (and his pink flip flops!)... *tear*

LaRissa said...

Definitely loved the pink flip-flops.