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Friday, October 31, 2008


Teaching first grade on Halloween is a joke. The kids are more excited than any other day of the year. Today we had special stuff all day for them, and that meant I had parents with me all day. That meant that I had to play my A game on a day that I was exhausted and sick. That's me whining. Honestly, it was a good day. I made lots of fun, special memories for the kids and survived.

Trunk or treat at Brookshire's was a great success. We made contact with several hundred people. It was really cool to realize how many of the people I knew. I remember this summer praying for the friends that I had not made yet in Anna. Now I am seeing God working out that prayer and it's cool.

Then it was off to Wal-mart for pacifiers. Wal-mart on Halloween is just straight up creepy.

Now it's off to bed. A bed full of sleeping little girls. I'm enjoying it while I can. They are growing up too fast. The years are flying by quickly. I crossed over to the men's section of Kohl's this week to buy clothes for James.

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