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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday morning update 9.28.09

I am trying to sort through all of our junk this week. I am planning to have a garage sale next weekend. I have found tons of interesting stuff up in the attic. Boxes and boxes of clothes left from my eBay seller days, old journals, books, bible studies, toys, and crazy stuff I did not even know we owned.

In sorting out everything, I am once again convinced that I have way more stuff than any one person should own. Much of it I don't know where it even came from. But I have stumbled across some treasures along the way. I found some old journals from when the kids were little, back in the days when I actually wrote on paper- pre blogging days. But the treasure I am sharing tonight is from my daughter Grace's journal that we found. I am sharing this with her permission.

June 15, 2008 (our first preview service)
"Dad did an awesome job preaching and Robby, well he could have been mistaken for Chris Tomlin himself. Nursery? Complete success. There were only 3 children - Emi, Abby, and Reid. We all had a fun time, and I heard everyone liked the children's area. So today, an awesome day."

I know this is a little different spin on my Monday morning update, but when I found this it reminded me about how beautiful this year has been. Seeing my daughter's unvarnished, unprompted, private thoughts about church at The Crossroads made me thankful a million times over that we said yes when God asked us to plant a church.

To quote Grace "So today, an awesome day." That has been the bottom line of everything I have said or thought about our journey this year.

Today was our last day at The Tiger Cat Tumble and Cheer Gym. Next week we open a new chapter of the story as we move into Joe K Bryant Elementary. We are excited about the possibilities that are in our future. There is now a much greater potential and space for growth.

At the same time, I confess that I am nervous about the unknown. I am nervous about being "enough". I don't know if that makes sense. I guess sometimes it seems that God has called us into something so much larger than ourselves and there are days when I am nervous about being surrendered enough to be what God needs me to be.

I know that this is an unusual spin, but God really uses Grace's journal to remind me about what an amazing year we've had. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in this next chapter of The journey.

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