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Friday, October 2, 2009

Love the Boy

This afternoon James and I ran some errands together. We finished getting junk out of storage and then went to "Albertshires" as Abby calls Albertsons. I love time alone with that kid. He pours out his heart and opens up when its just the two of us jammin' to some loud 80's rock in the car. It's cool.

He started by giving me the rundown of last night's football game that I missed. The play by play, injury by injury, story was long and confused me, but I tried to nod along and not freak out at his war wounds. He was so proud that he got hit so hard that his boxers split right in two. Apparently this was a great play. I said "wow that's awesome.". It seemed to be the right response.

Then he sprung the sex talk on me out of left field. "Hey mom, you know this girl's pregnant at my school." (whoa - thought we were talking about football) That led to him talking about the abstinance program the kids attended today at school. He said it was good, but it was really awkward to sit through with all your buddies.

He said the main focus of the "talk" was to explain STD's and encourage abstinance as a way to prevent catching weird stuff. This led to him explaining and discussing herpes with me. Are you kidding me? Since when am I old enough to have children old enough to be having this conversation? I had this weird out of body experience. Most of me was comfortable and cool with the conversation. But a small part of me watched from afar with great sadness that my baby is not a baby any more.

However, it was cool to get to talk to him some about God's design for sex in marriage and to get to share with him how glad I was that I waited and how God blessed that decision.

The kid's got a good head on his shoulders. I am praying often for him and Grace that God will guard their hearts and minds over the next few years. I know most everybody takes away a few scars from their teen years, but I don't want theirs to be decisions that damage them long term.

Then when we arrived back home, the moment was over. He lost his reasoning capabilities again. We were stringing a clothesline for my garage sale tomorrow. He couldn't figure out how to go around the tree. For real. At one point he had tied himself to the tree and at another point he had me wrapped with the cord.

Love the boy.

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