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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garage sale

My garage sale was a huge success today. This was the most money I've ever made. Yeah! It was interesting to do a sale with preteen help. This morning in the predawn hours I thought the oldest two would be lucky to make it through the day alive. However as the day wore on, they turned out to be great help. They ran the checkout end of things for me.

Katie had a friend over to help her with her drink stand. They were also great help today organizing stuff and entertaining Abby.

I enjoyed meeting new people and getting rid of truckloads of junk. I still have tons left on the porch to haul off to goodwill, but at least it's over!

One of the best parts of the sale was when people asked where my clothes were. When I showed them, they looked at the clothes, looked at me in disbelief, then asked what I was doing to lose weight. Made my day.

But the absolute best part of the day was hanging out with the kids. Abby "guarded the shoes so nobody buyed them". She announced this as she put her hands behind her back and marched back and forth in front of the shoes.

Katie and her friend played chicken on a tree stump and giggled and chatted the day away. It was fun to sit around during slow moments and hang out with all the kids and be a part of their lives w/out any intertuptions for awhile.

Then later on in the car on the way to eat, the girls jokingly prayed about something girly "dear God....". James w/out missing a beat jokingly prayed, "dear God I'd like to use my veto prayer for the day to cancel out what the girls just said". I laughed till I hurt. I love the idea of a veto prayer. That's just awesome.

We finished out the day with some burgers at mg's and chilling out at the house watching movies. It's been a great day. I am grateful that God blessed me with children.

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