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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mexico December 31, 2009

We went into Mexico today to deliver Christmas gifts to an orphanage in Matamoras. The kids were excited to receive their shoebox filled with goodies.

I was confused when shopping for my shoebox and bought stuff for a two year old girl rather than the boy that I had paperwork on. I never did get aroud to fixing my mistake, and just packed up the girl stuff anyway.

The little boy was one of a handful of orphans that somehow had been put on the list twice, so when we sorted boxes he already had one. My box would have been wasted.

Instead God used it perfectly.

A nine year old girl with gorgeous long black hair stepped into the room with a toddler in a sling on her hip. They were new to the orphanage since we had gotten the list of names. The size clothes I had in my wrong box fit perfectly on the toddler.

A month ago when I was shopping for items for my box, God created confusion in my dingy brain so that a little girl who lost her family would have a beautiful Christmas. Gotta love God and the strange ways He works.

We had a great trip back to Las Higuerillas to visit some friends and deliver some things for their village. It was a great day for playing Santa.

Now back to the states for a little pizza and a hot shower. Then tomorrow we are going back to the orphanage to paint.

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