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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monday Morning Update 12.28.09

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? You see, he has struggled hard with materialism over the years. (I did too, I'm just talking about him because it's less intrusive into my own issues.) I remember when he wanted the biggest, nicest, best stuff. I remember how deprived and frustrated he felt when we spent years in absolute poverty. I was there when he wanted the nicer house, and thought success was at least partially measured in dollars.

Today that man stood in church and preached about rethinking materialism at Christmas. He talked about giving our children less stuff so that we can have more resources left for serving the "least of these" as commanded in scripture. Last fall, we had a scare when we thought our house was on fire, and we both realized, "It's just stuff." Ever since then we have been trying hard to ditch as much of our stuff as possible so that we will have more free time and resources for ministry. As I listened to him speak emotionally about the need to change our habits so that we are not teaching our children to worship stuff, I was so humbled by how God has changed his life. I love how God is using mission work to teach him about what exactly is important in life. Today, I was proud to be that man's wife. A man who shares my heart and passion for serving God.

At the very end of the service, the children came in to share about their secret mission project they've worked on all month. They have collected money for the orphanage in Mexico and made gifts for all 200 orphans. It was cool to hear them talk about what they were doing and why. I love that even our children have a part of the vision of The Crossroads to Love God, Love People, and Reach the World. (yes, I know Shawn says rock. I like reach, and it's my blog.)

After church we had lunch with several other families at a new member's house in Anna. I love seeing our church members extend hospitality to each other. It is beautiful to watch God at work. I am blown away by how well God is making this church plant thing work, as long as I am obedient and just go along for the ride. I love reaching new people and seeing God change their lives. It's exciting. I am glad that excitement is the best adjective for my ministry. Or maybe awed.

Our mission team will be leaving a day early to miss out on winter weather. Remember to pray for our team while we are traveling Tuesday and Wednesday and while we are in Mexico on Thursday and Friday.

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