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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Morning Update 7.5.10

I loved the lesson in kid's cove this week. It was a reminder that all of your worries and all of your fears belong in God's hands. Moses was rightfully afraid to face down Pharaoh, but God told him to be courageous and promised his presence. In surrendering his fear to God, and giving his entire life to God, Moses was able to do unbelievably more than he ever imagined.

I haven't heard anything about grown up church other than some snickers and giggles. Apparently Shawn preached the sex sermon. LOL! Hopefully it was a super service and couples left with some practical tips they could apply in their marriages.

After church is when the magic began. One of our friends in Anna opened up her home for the fourth of July. I think she ended up with over 50 Crossroadies and their extended families showing up for lunch. I had a blast. It was so good to have time to sit down, dig in deep, and visit with these people that I serve and love. I also enjoyed meeting some members' families that don't attend church with them. There was great food, loud laughter, and wild craziness. While at the same time the love in the room was almost tangible. These are all traits of a great Crossroads' party.

After lunch, we went back home for a while so I could crash. After a nearly 4 hour nap, I felt much better about life, and ready for the next round of parties. In Shawn loving me by letting me sleep so long, we were running a little late for the party at the fireworks show. It was the coolest thing to pull into the parking lot only to be met by a church member who said, "We saved you a spot." It made me feel wanted and important. We pulled the car into the empty spot, and set up our chairs. Then I glanced to my right and to my left. Almost as far as I could see in both directions there were Crossroads families in their lawnchairs, in the backs of their pick-up trucks, and in the backs of their suburbans. As I walked the parking lot visiting and laughing with these families, I was overwhelmed with joy. A year ago, I knew almost none of them. Most of these families have at least one family member that's accepted Christ this year. Many of them are people who have walked through hard times and tough places this year. It was a moment of thankfulness as I looked at all of the couples who are still married. At all of the people who have accepted Christ. At all of the people who have found forgiveness for and recovery from addictions. It was a moment of thankfulness as God showed me that my life has purpose, and He is moving in ways that I cannot begin to fathom.

After the fireworks, several of the families headed up to Braums for some ice cream. As we completely took over the restaurant with our loud selves, our rowdy kids, and our laughter, I had a moment outside of time. I was transported back to that first Sunday. The day that we opened our doors for the very first time, and nobody from Anna came. Coming back to the present and looking around me at these people that I have come to know and love as part of my family, I was absolutely in awe of what God has done at The Crossroads. I cannot express the depth of my amazement, or the heights of my excitement as I contemplate where God is going to take us next! What an incredible journey!

I would appreciate your prayers this week. I am speaking at The Crossroads next week while Shawn and Grace will be in Mexico on a mission trip. I am going to do "What a girl wants", the flip side of Shawn's "How to make your husband happy" sermon. I need great wisdom on this. I am wired up a little differently than many women, and am having to think pretty hard on this topic. I am also a little nervous about getting children's stuff set up next week with Grace out of town. She handles all the nursery stuff. So I'm praying for a hoard of volunteers so we can get it done quickly next week.

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