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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday night musings

It's been a very long day at the Kemp house. I was knee deep in mud in my backyard (well, ankle deep at least) before 7 a.m., on the phone with my dad, trying to repair my air conditioner. The good news is that I was able to do a temporary fix on the condenser that may hold until Shawn gets back from Mexico. This made me very proud of myself for two reasons. 1. I didn't get shocked and die which is what my dad told me would happen. 2. I didn't have to call any of my guy friends to come wade in the mud and rain to take care of me

On another note, our mission team is still stateside, in Brownsville, Texas. After multiple tries to cross the border today, finally all the correct paperwork has been faxed in from the rental van company, and they are prepared to try again in the morning. They are asking that we continue to pray for the team, that God will send them over in the morning.

However, even though the mission team did not have success getting into Mexico, they have already seen God at work. One of the team's passports had expired, so a couple of people were staying behind to go to the consulate to get things straightened out, then planning to take the bus to Tula to meet back up with the rest of the team. On their way back across the bridge, they accepted a ride. The driver of that car accepted Christ on the way back to the states from the border crossing. It just goes to show how important one person is to Christ. Our entire mission team was stalled so that one person could "happen" to hear about Jesus.

I have spent the day in prayer for the team. I don't know how you feel about spiritual warfare, but to me it is a definite physical reality today. The longer I prayed today, the sicker I became. I experienced severe nausea and the worst migraine of my life. My body is still reeling, hours after my intense intercession has ended. No matter how much medication I take, I can't make the pain go away. The interesting thing is that I still have the ability to write, while my spoken language center has all but shut down.

So tonight, please pray for me. In twelve hours I will be at The Crossroads, setting up, running a million miles an hour trying to be multiple personalities that are gone on the mission trip. But most importantly, I will be sharing the message. This message has been crazy hard to write. The computer ate it twice, the electricity went completely off on our street the 3rd time I was writing, my handwritten notes were missing key pages, and now the migraine is making it impossible for me to focus on editing and revising. I am nervous about sharing anyway, but at this moment, my speech is too garbled to even make sense. I need to be pain free, and focused, alert, and able to hear God's voice about how to best communicate to guys how to love their wives so they are encouraged, not dismayed.

It will be a very different gig tomorrow. I am not playing in the band, instead choosing to focus my energy on just doing Shawn's job while he is gone. Pray that God will be glorified, and that I won't jack it all up too bad! I am excited to see how God is going to be at work tomorrow at The Crossroads!

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