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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday Morning Update 1.2.11

As Shawn spoke today about the New Year, he reiterated our vision as a church to love God, love people, and rock the world. He spent most of the sermon giving examples of how to apply that vision on a personal level. I think his goal for our church of reading and living the Bible is huge. New believers need to read the Bible so they will know how to live a life of faith, and old believers need to read the Bible so they will continue to grow and change. I think if we all as believers try our best to live what we read, the world will be changed!

My own personal number one goal this year is to spend more time reading the Bible this year than I spend looking at people's business on Facebook. I confess that I love Facebook. I enjoy keeping up with old friends, making new friends around the world, discovering new ministry ideas, and just generally being "in the know." I am nosy. That's it - bottom line - I'm nosy. So when I wake up, the first thing I do is check to see if anything new happened while I was asleep.

This New Year's resolution happened, of course, while I was running the other day. (Well, it was a walk actually with a little jogging thrown in) While I was walking, I checked Facebook. That's when God spoke to my heart. "Why aren't you this interested in my status updates?"

What? God doesn't have status updates. That's silly.

Then God spoke, "Yes I do. In fact, I wrote a whole book. Read it." It made me look at things in a whole new light. I am so anxious to see what everybody else is doing in my life, why am I not that anxious to find out more about God? I was convicted when God showed me that I have lots more time for social media that I have for my Savior.

Back in October, I downloaded a chronological reading plan from YouVersion for my phone. I'm on Nov. 7 on the plan. Just a little behind. So I am going to start my day by reading God's Word before I check up on any of you. Because let's get real - God is way cooler than any of us!

What is your number one resolution this year? My challenge to you is that you will make it something with kingdom value.

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