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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My top 10 Fitness Facts

1. Being skinny hurts - the needed workouts leave one painfully sore.

2. The amount of workout time required to lose weight is grossly underestimated in government studies (30 min 3 times a week, please.... not with my body)

3. You WILL need to pee every time you get way far from home on a long run - so plan runs that loop back by your house.

4. Falling off the treadmill makes everybody in the gym stare at you and guffaw with laughter. I know this for a fact.

5. Rule of thumb on healthy eating - if it tastes good, spit it out.

6. Losing weight is hard - it's like carving a masterpiece from stone with a dull spoon. Gaining weight it easy - it's like setting fire to gasoline.

7. When everybody goes left and you go right in dance class, pretend that you are right and they are all wrong.

8. Gym mirrors add at least 35 pounds. You are not REALLY that large.

9. Shirt length must be tested before working out. Nothing like a shirt that doesn't cover the white jiggly belly when I get my arms up over my head lifting weights.

10. The rocks in the sink at Nautilus Lady are supposed to be there for decoration. It's not a mistake. So don't take them all out and pile them off to the side while you wash your hands and then carefully return them to avoid getting them wet.

Seriously, I have to laugh at myself often to keep after this fitness stuff. I feel much better when I work out at least 5 or 6 days a week, but it sure is challenging for me. If it just wasn't so hard, it would be easy. But then where would the pride be in that, right?

I will say that having Grace as a new workout partner is fun. It is definitely more fun to go to the gym with someone else, and the alone time with me makes her feel special and loved. I have long prayed for someone to join me in my fitness quest. It has been an extraordinarily lonely journey the last 18 months. It's cool that God seems to be answering that request with my own daughter.

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