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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Laughin' Hard and Lovin' It

I laughed so hard today that my belly is sore. You know those kinds of laughs, where the tears flow and the chuckles turn to snorts. Except mine kind of turn into strange sounding wheezes. Thought some of you might could use a good laugh so here you go. Two quick stories. Oh...and both of them are not appropriate....this would be why they are watch where you read them.

Carpet time: The kids all created family trees this week and were bummed that I did not do one. So I brought in a shutterfly book of our family vacation a year ago to California. It was all good until I came to the picture of the Hoover Dam. As soon as I showed the picture and said, "Here I am at the Hoover Dam", a student began squealing with laughter, and rolling on the floor. He has an extensive vocabulary and so he announces to the rest of the class, (shouting) "Mrs. Kemp said Dam. She said the D word." Now all my students who did not know the D word do now. I wasn't sure where to go from there, so I just addressed it calmly and matter of factly. "Now boys and girls, you remember how you all laughed at the sight word 'but' last week, and we talked about how it was not the same kind of butt that you sit on? Dam when used to refer to a large concrete wall holding back water to form a lake is also not a bad word. However, you may not say this word at school when talking about anything else." I mean, what else is there to say? I just tried not to laugh until I could get out into the hall and shut the door so they couldn't hear me!

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