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Saturday, October 4, 2008

I morphed into a soccer mom

Grace and James have been playing soccer for quite some time now. When we made the move to Anna, James signed up for soccer, but Grace was told there would not be a team for her. We begged and pleaded for her to be allowed to play on the boys team, to no avail. She was devastated. She gave up her school, her friends, and her sport because of our move. Then the season began, and it turned out that James was playing on a coed team that Grace should have been allowed on. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to place her on the team because we had not registered her in time, because we were told that there would not be a team for her. Can you say unfair!!! However, James's soccer coach has graciously allowed her to practice with the team and has tried hard to include her. She sits on the sidelines of every game cheering on "her team."

Then today came. The coach's son was out of town, so he let Grace play in his son's place. Illegally I guess, but I don't really care. I don't remember the last time I was so excited about a sporting event. My heart was racing, my blood flowing, the adrenaline pumping before the games even started. This was even a double game day. Grace was allowed to play in both games for the entire time. She kicked some butt!!!! In the first game, the ref had to threaten to yellow card her. I was a little worried since she had never played with boys, but she more than held her own on the field. I think maybe they were a little scared of her after she mowed down that one guy.

I found myself frantically screaming on the sidelines, along with the other parents who have taken Grace's misfortune to heart, "Don't you let some smelly boy take that ball from you!" and every time she got her foot on the ball, "You go, girl!" Today everyone cheered for her...she was the underdog that was given a chance and it was beautiful to watch.

James found a new level of play as well.....after all, when your little sister is on the field, you can't let her show you up. He shot several goals, none of them were exactly successful. Yet, it was a big deal that he was playing with speed and confidence and attempting great things.

We were creamed in both games. Horribly, terribly defeated. the second game a kid scored a goal. This is our first goal of the season. We usually don't even get down to the other end of the field. I went insane. Jumping, yelling, dancing, squealing. That's when I realized the truth....I am really a soccer mom. I drive the right car, live in the right house, wear the right clothes, and scream passionately for my kids to kick some other kid's butt. And take great delight in it when they do.

Seeing Grace made me think about God. I am the underdog living in an unfair world....But God let me into the game of life and he is going insane cheering me on. "Don't you let that smelly old satan steal the game. You go, girl!" Pretty cool, huh!

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