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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random stuff

Matthew 15:15-16. Peter is telling Jesus he just doesn't get it, what is Jesus talking about? Here's Jesus's response, "You too? Are you being willfully stupid...." Yeah, pretty sure that's what God's saying about me, too. However, Jesus explained himself more fully to Peter. I'm glad that stupid isn't a disqualifier from revelation. I am determined to push and to be persistent until God shows me truth.

Here's a laugh for those of you who are tired of hearing me whine the last two days. Shawn is under the weather, so I came home early with plans to cook. It went like this. I stood in the middle of the kitchen randomly opening cabinets and the refrigerator. I finally abandoned the idea of really cooking and fed my children ramen noodles and cereal.

Another blurb: Grace is back home from adventure camp. She started a fire with flint and is a good shot with a bow and arrow and went canoeing...I am excited that she had a good time. She is rapidly growing up. I am so proud of the woman I see growing inside of her. I'm pretty nervous about the journey between here and adulthood.

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