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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Much

Not much tonight. I am really tired and need some sleep. I promised something spiritual, but I don't have anything that I am really free to share yet. God has done some really big things in some of my friends' lives this week, and I am looking forward to being able to share about his mercy and grace when they are ready for me to. I also have several friends who desperately need to experience God in their lives. They are in great pain and turmoil. Pray for them. God knows their situations.

I was reminded today about how God walks before us and prepares a path for his sheep. He does such big stuff in our lives, usually before we even realize just how amazing and how awesome it all really is. It is so beautiful to watch him do his thing. I really love to watch him do big stuff with my friends. He's cool like that!

I promised you the answers to the text abbreviations. How'd you do? These are the ones that I guessed correctly during inservice on Monday.

1. lol - laugh out loud
2. j/k - just kidding
3. UR/DED - you are dead
4. F2Face - need to discuss face to face
5. BU^ - beat you up
6. CTN - can't talk now

These are the ones I did not know
1. UBS - you'll be sorry
2. PG11 - parents in the room
3. TDTM - talk dirty to me
4. IPN - I pose naked

Here's a website with more if you have a teen that you are concerned about and want to check up on, or if you have friends that text you and it doesn't make sense to you. I haven't checked this out, but it was highly recomended by our trainer who said that cyber bullying and cyber sexual harassment is a huge issue - especially with middle school and high school kids. She said that teacher ignorance and parent ignorance make this a very easy form of bullying.

So not such a winner blog tonight....some days are just like that.

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