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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tales from the trenches

Here's some random tales from the life of a teacher.

Today I was fussing at a little girl. She got angry about changing her color and said to me in a sassy voice, "Mrs. teacher at my other school was nearly as cool as you."

I don't know that I have ever gotten so angry at a funny situation at school as I did yesterday. I have a young man who doesn't like to go home at the end of the day. I noticed that he was being a slow-poke about going to P.E., but assumed he would be along shortly. This was me being dumb. When we returned to class, we had about 3 minutes to get packed up and catch the buses. Suddenly my children were yelling, and there was crying. I looked and the boy had apparently tied backpacks together with their adjustable straps. In double knots. So when the children got their backpacks on, they were tied up to another child. They are six. Their instinct was to pull away from each other as hard as they could. Then the knots were tighter. I was frantically trying to untie the children so they could catch their buses. In hindsight, it was a pretty clever move....and the chaos was probably pretty funny.

Journal reading....little girl opens up her journal and begins sharing....Friday we took my dog to the vet to have her neutered. Complete with pictures! Try explaining that one. (just glad she is in the class next door)

One of my teammates made a comment that led me to loudly break into the song, "Won't you be my neighbor." At which she looks at me and says, "What's that from?" It would seem that she is too young to remember Mr. Rogers.

Romance begins early. One of my little guys is an absolute cutie pie. He is such a doll. Today I was eavesdropping to him putting his move on the sweet, shy little girl sitting next to him. Here's how it all went down.

Boy (with smile and flattering looks) "Did you sign up for basketball?"
Girl (shyly), "yes"
Boy, "Which kind - the one at the bank?
Girl (shyly), "yes"
Boy, "It's fun"
Girl, "yes"
Boy (desperate for this conversation to go somewhere), "Be careful - don't break a leg."
Girl, "okay"
Boy (craving girl's attention ), "I broke my arm - see, it still hurts."

Yeah - no injuries....just amused me that the pattern starts so early....boy trying to woo girl with show of concern and tale of injuries.

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