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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reader's Choice

I have several ideas floating around in my head. I thought you readers might like to vote. Comment here, on my facebook, email or text. I'll pick the winner and blog about it tomorrow. Reader's choice.

My top five best dates.

My top five worst dates.

What God says about cleaning toilets.

Updates from the kiddie pool....about the men

updates about things women say

The pros and cons of wearing thongs

how one of my friends was injured while watching the cowboys game

What's in and out for men's fashions

Matthew 17 - glow in the dark Jesus - action figure waiting to happen

The mysterious writing in the sand by my car Saturday night.

A funny first grade story

Music blog - something from Paste

Something serious, dark, and introspective.

My favorite movie.

Cast your votes quickly. I'll blog tomorrow night about the winner.

Have a great Monday.....LaRissa


Shawn said...

I'm all in for the one about thongs. Of course, that could just be because I have a particular interest in the subject when it comes to you.

rachel4fotoz said...

Ok, I know it's probably too late, but I vote for the toilet cleaning one... and I'd really like to know about the writing in the sand! What's that about?