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Monday, January 5, 2009

Funny story from the Mexico Trip

I promised some funny stories from the trip. I'm pretty sure this is number 1.

Knowing that we might have to wait as long as two hours to cross back into the states, our missionary guide stopped at a gas station in Matamoras for us to all use the restroom. Now restroom accommodations are not quite the same in Mexico. In the ladies' restroom were two toilets, close by each other. My friend and I suddenly got to know each other a whole lot better as we were up close and personal using the restroom. When I finished, I did the typical public restroom flush - you know - push the handle down with your foot while standing as far away as possible. That is the only thing that saved me from a total drenching.

As soon as I flushed, water began spraying (gushing) up from the pipes behind the toilet. I choose to believe that it was clean water coming in, not pee water going out. The water sprayed up over my head, onto the ceiling, and back down all over me. I responded in a typical woman fashion - Screaming loudly while jumping up and down. (Freaking out) I was trying to escape the shower without opening the door to the restroom which would expose my friend to the parking lot. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I exited the restroom, still screeching, holding my arms out so they could begin dripping dry, and warning my waiting friends to avoid flushing.

Fortunately we had some wipees in the van and I was able to clean up a bit.

And the missionary....He stopped at the same restroom again the next day just for fun. But I stayed dry....knew not to flush:)


rachel4fotoz said...

I can say, as a witness, that it was classic!

La - there are many more funny stories you need to post!

LaRissa said...

Remind me....I tend to get blocked when sitting at the computer....I know I should write about the English speaking woman...what else?

Shawn said...

You neglected to mention that in love for your husband, you rubbed your toilet water self all over him when you came out of the bathroom! :-)

LaRissa said...

Ummm...yes, left that part out. Thanks for clearing that up for my readers. Shawn was coming out of the store and unaware of what happened. The peeps standing around suggested that I go hug him. So I did. Quite fully and thus dried off a bit and then confessed. Yes, I have great darkness and evil within. But it was funny :)