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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monday Morning Update

This week, Shawn's coach, Sam Douglass, came in to preach since Shawn can't speak. I heard that he did an excellent job. I did not have the opportunity to hear him speak since I was in the children's area this week.

The band sounded awesome. You know - my readers might believe me more if just once I could honestly say that the worship set stunk or that it was riddled with mistakes. But every week is absolutely fantastic. We are definitely blessed with good musicians and a phenomenal worship dude. (I say that every week, too)

The children's lesson was rather interesting. Due to remodeling in the gym, I had to set up in a new location. It worked out fine, but it was more challenging than usual to capture the children's attention. My students this week were very young. All preschoolers. The lesson was about loyalty - an advanced abstract concept. Ummmm......pretty lame (my delivery, not the curriculum). We had fun, and I tried hard to help the children understand the concept, but my honest evaluation is that my lesson just pretty much stunk for this young age group. Oh well...better luck next time, right!

After the service everybody hung around to pack up - awesome to have so many helping hands! Then several of us ate at a new restaurant in Anna - cool that two Anna families ate with us - those are the friends we started praying for before we went into the church plant! It is so exciting to see the circle expanding!

I can't express my excitement about the church plant and all that God seems to have in store. I am blessed to get to be a part of this!

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