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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random chaos from the Kemp's

Our home is loud, rowdy, chaotic and messy. Never boring or dull! I love it! Thought you might like to read about just a couple of sample events from a normal day at the Kemp's house.

*You know there's too much talk radio in the morning when the two year old starts making up a song, "mike and mike in the morning...."

*Abby and her Daddy spent the morning dancing to Bon Jovi (cranked up loud). Since Shawn can't sing, he mimes and does huge interpretive dance motions. She is totally copying his miming dance moves. Hysterical to watch.

*Grace was trying to tell James how to make scrambled eggs this morning.
Grace with extreme bossiness, "James you're doing it all wrong. Put butter in the pan. Crack the eggs in a bowl. Whisk the eggs. You forgot to swish the butter...."

James in desperation as the egg shells crumble in his hand and fall into the bowl, and the butter in the pan is scorching, "I can't do two things at once."

I think he gets his cooking ability from me.

* There's just a couple of sample events from a typical day at the Kemp's. I am having a hard time fully capturing the magic of the chaos here in the blog. I'll have to work on it a bit more. The kids are funny, precious, awful, wild, insane, and wonderful all at the same time. That's what makes it interesting and fun.

*Looking forward to an awesome day at The Crossroads tomorrow. Just can't wait! Love going to worship there!

*For the girls : Thanks those of you who prayed for my dress shopping. I made it through trying on clothes without crying. In fact, everything fit really well. The hardest part was selecting a dress to buy. I only had to go to one store. YEAH! Finally ended up with a classy little black dress and new high heels to wear to our big event Friday night. I also wound up buying a hot little blue dress that was on sale that I'll wear when we go out on Valentine's day. It's a little sexier than what I usually wear, but I think I can pull it off. And my husband will definitely not be thinking about the food :) There was also a red dress that I really wanted but could not justify paying full price for....and nowhere to wear it either. Halter top, low-cut, backless kind of thing for evening wear. Be great on a cruise..... Hope the shopping details satisfy all you girly girls out there who enjoy that kind of thing. Boys, guess you're wishing you had skipped this.

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