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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She's speaking English

Here's another amusing Mexico story friends wanted me to share.

One day we were handing out blankets door to door in the fishing village. The group I was with walked up to a door and worship dude started asking the lady at the door the standard questions....How many in your family, how many children, girls or that we could leave the appropriate gifts at the home. I suddenly realize that I can not only understand his broken spanish that I had heard several times already by this point, but also am clearly understanding all of the lady's replies.

Running through my head is suddenly the thought, "Thank you, Jesus, for this incredible gift to be able to understand this lady without a translator....especially since we seem to have gotten separated from all of our translators yet again." I'm thinking I have been given a supernatural moment.....when suddenly I realize.....she's speaking ENGLISH!

So of course with my fast mouth and slow brain I yell out, "Oh, you speak English." Duh! So then I got to jump in and join the conversation. She was the first English speaker that I had discovered in the village and so I was very excited. My next bright statement is, "My spanish is really bad." to which she replies, "YES!"

I may not win any awards for coolest, smoothest missionary on this trip...but I did have a lot of fun!

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