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Friday, June 12, 2009

Music on main

We originally headed down to listen to blues at the Frisco Grooves outdoor music event, but they cancelled due to bad weather. So that trip involved a 45 minute ride down to Frisco, a stop at the McDonald's drive thru, and a 45 minute ride back. Much of that drive was spent listening to Abby scream, Grace argue, Katie whine, and James fuss at Grace. It was FUN times. But the sunset was GORGEOUS! And Shawn and I did some vision casting for the next year for The Crossroads. That was cool.

We got back into town a little before 9 and decided to go ahead and check out Music on Main in Denison. The group tonight, BluRock, was doing blues and rock. They did a wide selection of stuff from "Old Time Rock and Roll" to "Living la vida loca" to "Brick House" to "Black Magic Woman." They were pretty decent. The lead vocal was on key, but just a little weak. The harmonica player definitely could have used some tips from Worship Dude. I would go back to hear this band again, but only in a free venue like Music on Main.

We hooked up with some friends while we were there. We had a blast watching the toddlers dance and the big kids chase them for us. It was great. Funny moment: A sweaty little boy came up and asked my 9 year old, Katie, to dance. I ran interference on that one. I went all teacher on him and said, "She's having to babysit right now." He went away, crisis averted :)

We finished out the night with some ice cream with our friends. I have to say that on reflection, my big mac, fries, and later hot fudge sundae may not have helped me with my weight loss goals. But I enjoyed it all. Every single bite. It was a fun, relaxing evening!

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Bits-n-Pieces said...

sounds like a perfectly wonderful family night to me!!
~Robin Mockabee