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Monday, June 8, 2009

Words of wisdom from my pastor

Tonight we went to a movie and were running a little late coming home. Shawn has his twitter account set to go off at 10 and come on again the next morning at 8. So after 10 he continually asks me, "What did that one say?"

Tonight we were joking about this on twitter. He can twitter out and did several times. But he couldn't read the replies coming in and was dependant on me to fill him in. Finally he twittered, "It's like I am talking to you with my hands over my ears."

I thought this was quite clever and funny. But then I thought a little deeper. (Coffee late at night does that to me.) I do that all the time with God. I talk to Him with my hands over my ears. I give Him advice and instructions and my wish list and keep my ears covered up so that I don't hear back anything that I don't want to.

Just a thought.

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