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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hate wallpaper!

I have spent the last week trying to remodel our small half bath. I have ripped out more than my fair share of wallpaper in my lifetime. If you get lucky, you can pull it right off. Most of the time it requires some effort, but is doable. This wallpaper, however, must have been attached with super glue. I was excited to get chunks off 2 inches square. Most of it peeled off slowly, removing some Sheetrock.

Today I finally figured out the secret. I sprayed it with shout and steamed it with my iron. Then it came off in 6 inch squares. I recruited the entire family, even three year old Abby to help. We finally have it stripped and I have started texturing. The kids have decided they will never buy a house with wallpaper EVER!

However, I had an absolutely beautiful worship experience there in that tiny bathroom. Spraying shout and burning myself with steam from the iron. God uses the strangest things to teach me lessons.

Wallpaper is like sin. Some sin is easy to remove. Give it a yank and it's gone. Some requires a little bit of effort. And some of it is superglued in place. It may take a variety of approaches to deal with that type of sin. Prayer, plans to avoid temptation, memorizing scripture, support from friends, etc. The removal may not be easy. It may hurt. But the end result is beautiful.

I could have just plastered over the wallpaper. It might have worked, or it might have flaked off. Sometimes instead of dealing with our sin we just hide it and hope it stays covered up.

I loved that God showed me a great life lesson today. And I really had several hours of amazing worship listening to my iPod and learning about how God works on renewing my character. I love his tenacity. He never gives up on me. Even when change is slow.

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