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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday morning update 7.14.09

What an amazing day at the Crossroads. Last night we did a big block party in the creekside neighborhood. We showed "Wizard of Oz" on a big inflatable movie screen.

The cool thing about doing outreach events is that God seems to bless us with great attendance the following day - even though most of the visitors did not come from the event. We had 72 people today. 6 toddlers in the nursery. 21 kids in children's church. Guess who's week it was to do children? I had materials planned for a maximum of fifteen (which is double what we usually have.) However, I pulled it off with the help of a good friend.

Shawn did a question and answer session today in lieu of a sermon. People submitted their questions, and he used the Bible to answer them as best he could. This will be posted later in the week at

Worship was better this week. Our guitar players and drummers were all out. So it was just me and Worship Dude playing the dueling pianos. He played lead this week and I played fill. That seemed to work better than last week. The beautiful backup babes did a super job.

Tonight we baptized four people out at The Collin County Adventure Camp. That was awesome to have our second set of baptisms this year. Then we celebrated at a friend's house. I had a blast just hanging out as a guest. No hostessing required. Very relaxing.

Looking forward to a busy week. Tomorrow Shawn and I are meeting with Tiffany Smith about long term mission strategy. Then we have playdates Tuesday and probably Thursday. I have a teacher peep coming up to work on curriculum on Wednesday. Tuesday night is journey group, Wednesday night is Harry Potter. And somehow I need to workout and finish up my remodel. Love the crazy busy life! I am certainly never bored.

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