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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

saying good bye to an old friend

Yep, tonight I said good-bye to an old and dear friend.
About a year ago, I struck out on a road trip with a buddy of mine. We were headed to "Rock the Desert." It is a two day, in the heat, hard rockin', head bangin', Christian concert. We were on our way when I realized I had no sunglasses.

I have always owned brown sunglasses. Invisible, blend in with the crowd.... very me. We stopped at a gas station, and I decided to go ahead and grab a new pair while we were there. Nothing invisible and blendy in with the crowdy kind of thing. The best thing I found was this atrocious pair of white sunglasses. With BLING!!!! I don't do BLING!!! Seriously.

I tolerated them all weekend, and even thought I might keep them after I got home. Well, after searching for my brown sunglasses, which never reappeared, I just kept using the white ones. Reluctantly due to the bling. Until they finally grew on me and became a permanent fixture on my head. Recess Duty? White Sunglasses. Driving to my new job in Anna? White Sunglasses. Block parties meeting new friends? White Sunglasses. Community outreach events? White Sunglasses. Roadtrips with friends? White Sunglasses. Mexico mission trips? White Sunglasses. Easter Egg Drop? White Sunglasses.

These glasses that I hated became a signature piece of my wardrobe. I was horrified tonight when I opened my purse and the side had been totally snapped off, broken beyond repair. I briefly considered duct tape. But am pretty sure Shawn is going to veto that one. I guess I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. I am just going to miss all the memories of the best year of my life that the white ones triggered every time I put them on.


Robby Thompson said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I know they meant alot to you. They will be sorely missed by all of us they came to know and love them. There were so compasionate.
They were always there to cover for you when you were crying and didn't want to face the sunny day, and when you wanted to be seen they simply went away. They helped to manage the pain when your head felt like crap, and held your hair back when you didn't have a cap. They always knew how to comfort you and protect you when the world just seemed to bright, but they always went away and left you to your "me" time at night.
Oh how those precious glasses shined in all their bling and glory, but now it's time to move on with another pair, and begin a new story.

Goodbye, Big, White, Blingy sunglasses you will be missed.

Michelle Peacock said...

I feel like a superwoman when I tell you this.. I have GOOD NEWS... You can replace them.. CHEAP!!!!!!!!! Target in McKinney off of 75 and 380 has them in the $1.00 and up area on the left side of the store in the front for $2.50.. Riley broke hers and was VERY UPSET cause she wanted her sunglasses to be just like yours. You two looked so cute when I took that picture. I will be there today and I will see if they have them still. I will have to get you and Riley another pair or two. "Here I come to save the day" Thank goodness you can't hear me singing that. LOL!!!

LaRissa said...

Robby - Oh my gosh. I am scared that you can rhyme about the glasses. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Thanks for making my day.