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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Gospel According to Abby

God often uses my children to show me truths that I have not quite fully grasped. Recently he used my 2 year old daughter, Abby, to remind me that there is nothing in my life that is hidden from HIM.

So, here's the story:
I am slowly weaning Abby from her pacifier. She is not excited about this new phase of her life. We were in the kitchen and she spotted a pacifier that had somehow ended up on the floor. She immediately grabbed it and hid it behind her back. (which was turned towards me). Then she turned to face me and said, "No, I not got my binky. I not know where it go." And proceeded to dash down the hall (once again with binky in my plain line of sight as she is facing away from me again.)

God used that moment to immediately convict me that I do the exact same thing. He continually leads me away from sin. (like I am leading Abby to give up her pacifier) However, it seems that I often spot an opportunity for sin, contemplate it carefully, engage in it, then tell God I didn't do it. Much like Abby telling me that she did not have her binky, even though I could plainly see it.

So - here's the point - I am praying that I will understand God's viewpoint and try harder to align my life with Him.

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