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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do I find the beauty?

Today I was reading another article in Paste about a DJ named Diplo. I must confess that I really don't understand what he does exactly, something about taking music apart, remixing it with other music and sounds, and playing it at large parties? There were lots of recording terms and technical stuff that I didn't understand. However, the cool part is that this dude travels all over the world searching for new bands, new sounds, and stuff that he can use. The article described it as "he finds beauty in places nobody else is looking."

I was mulling this over and thought "AHHHHH!" That's a great description of Christ - HE finds beauty in places (and people) where nobody else is looking. Obviously I am not Christ, so I seem to have a harder time seeing beauty in everything. Some things are easy - a sunset, my children, my husband. But other things are much harder. I would like to be able to see beauty in places nobody else is looking. So the question I have is, "where is nobody else looking?" I like the idea of challenging myself to ask in hard situations, "what is the beauty of this?" and learning to see and find the treasures that have been overlooked.

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