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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am stinkin' rich!

No, I have not inherited a large sum of money. Donors have not sent us multi-millions. But tonight as I sat at the dinner table, I was overwhelmed by just how rich I am. Many months ago when God began to call us into church planting, we were so concerned about our finances. We begged God to just keep food on our table so that our children would not be hungry. Tonight as I gazed across the table at all the food, and looked at the friends who had joined us at the table, I was moved by how much God has blessed us in recent months.

He has provided for all of our financial needs. We have so much food that we have to invite people to come help us eat it. And then best of all, we have lots of friends to invite! I am loving having people in my home at all hours of the day and night, hungrily seeking God and loving each other and reaching out to others. The excitement among our friends is almost tangible when they begin working together.

Tonight two women were on my couch, working out children's ministry details. They were excited about Sunday, about worship, and about church! On my piano bench was a young man, trying to show me the song that God had placed in his head when he woke up this morning. And we all know how much I love that kind of thing. All around us were children running like mad. In other words - absolute chaos! And it was BEAUTIFUL!

When we followed God out of obedience into church planting, I had no idea that this is what it would be like. Hard, yes. Long hours, absolutely. Amazing, you bet. I am so blessed to be called, and more blessed to be able to share that calling with incredible friends. I am stinkin' rich!

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