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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a crown jewel

Zechariah 9:16, 17 "When that day arrives, the Lord their God will rescue his people, just as a shepherd rescues his sheep. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown. How wonderful and beautiful they will be!"

One of my favorite things about small children is the sparkle in their eyes. Children radiate their joy and happiness through their expressions, and when they are happy, their eyes simply dance. As we age, our smiles often don't quite make it to our eyes. I know very few adults that have "sparkly" eyes anymore. Life has removed the sparkle, one small bit at a time. Is it not an incredible promise that someday we will sparkle again! Somehow God is going to remove all the weight from our shoulders and give us back our sparkle.

Then there's that whole thing about being God's crown jewel. One of my favorite parts of the Princess Diaries, part 2, is when Princess Mia opens up her closet drawers and there are jewels everywhere and it really sinks in with her that she is royalty. Someday God's treasure house will be filled with "jewels" - his people - worshipping him with no distractions or interruptions, with no sin to ever again separate us from his voice. I just can't find the words to describe what it means to me that I am that valuable to the God of the universe - that he would call me his crown jewels.

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